Tom Lambert - Care  Manager

I have worked within the care industry for over 10 years gaining comprehensive hands on experience of working with young people who present with behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties. Before I arrived at Headstart I was a senior support worker in the care section of a residential school for children with special educational needs. My time was mainly spent working with young people from the most deprived London boroughs, I enjoyed the diversity of this role as it allowed me to work with a huge variety of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and enabled me to have an in depth knowledge and first hand experience of gang cultures and county lines and the impact that this is having on our young people across the country today. 


Moving to Headstart gave me the opportunity to not only implement the skills in which I had learnt but also to grow and develop these further by working closely with the extensive therapeutic team within the company. They  provide a wealth of knowledge due to their wide range of expertise including speech and language, occupational therapist, and behaviour analyst Daniel Horan. Daniel works very closely with all the staff at the home, all of whom have completed ABA training specific to those who are on the spectrum, to ensure they are able to best promote the homes' ethos of a positive and nurturing environment. The home also has monthly debriefs with Daniel to carry out reflection work and to ensure that our working practice is continuously being evaluated and updated. This along with the continued support and effort from all staff here at the Croft has allowed for the perfect environment for our own young people to be able to reach their full potential in regards to both their emotional and physical development with specialist attention for those with autism which many of our staff specialize in.


The company also provides fantastic opportunities for development and progression with all staff being placed on regular training courses and they are also encouraged to request any further training they feel they require to carry out their roles effectively. I can speak from personal experience in regards to this. Since arriving at Headstart as a senior care mentor and completing all relevant training required which has been provided by the company, I am now the Care  manager at The Croft. Headstart has not only given me the career progression I needed but also the supportive professional development needed to obtain it. All these things combined are just a few of the reasons why I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working at Headstart. My role as Care manager really allows me to play a significant role in creating a brighter future for all our young people.